Wednesday, 25 May 2016

being a daughter

We will marry you off .. said the grandma ,
That night she learnt to behave properly as she was guest in her own house ...

Have u felt the fear ?
The fear of not calling your house your own !?
The fear of being sent away if u fought over something ?
Asked the girl whose ambitions were just shaken by reality ..

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The biggest problem

hmm,, so i just realized with all these protests and all going around in the country for different demands to be fulfilled , What is the reason? What is the reason behind this instablity ? I dont know how i may sound but i feel the reason is The feeling of dissatisfaction , I feel the root cause of every evil in society today is Dissatisfaction among people , the continous struggle to get more , Rarely do people say i dont need more i have had enough of freedom , money , resources etc. we always want more , and thats what lead us here . Our leaders did protests but that was something for basic need of that time , freedom of the people , how are we carrying this forward !? By doing protests , sitting on dharnas , creating voilence for every other thing , sometimes just for publicity , or sometimes just to let the other party down . What legacy are we passing on!?
Why do we need a special treatment , a special reservation for a democratic country where on one hand all are equal , and if even by mistake you call someone by their community name or gender "ye jaat hai " "tum ldki ho"  people get offended , and then on other hand you are all there asking for reservations . Seriously! What are you building up !? Why are people with 90% general sitting at home and people with 40% are getting top college because of reservation , Did general people get some easy exam to write or some extra tutions to study !? Why is it that an old man is standing and an 18 year old fit girl is sitting , does she not have legs to stand on , why do you talk of feminism , equality when all you do is ask for reservations and special previliges for yourself ! Why not work on one criteria " Capablity " . Why not be satisfied with freedom walking with equality . Being Satisfied is the need of today's world that people have failed to realize ......

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

being alone

Ohh ! look at that girl , she has such a huge group of friends , look at that guy , he is so happy with his girlfriend , Look at me i have none of it , just one or two friends , look at me i am so alone , Am i not good enough!? Am i not good enough to deserve friends , to deserve people in my life!? Ever felt this! I hve noticed our generation going through this hell lot of times , Well The answer is no! Just because u dont have that huge group doesnt mean you are not good enough , it just means you are intelligent enough to chose people in your life wisely , you are intelligent enough to chose your circle wisely , you are wise enough to not live in a world of fake friendships , where you yourself start faking yourself to your own self , you are living a drama free life , aren't you .!? Having people around doesnt mean you are not lonely but having one good person around who cares for you , who loves you,  never makes you feel lonely , And you noe wat !? Make that one person yourself . There is no better soul that can care for you more than your own self . I am not saying dont make friends , dont talk to people , i m just saying make friends wisely choose your circle wisely because that is what will make you .
Dont chose that guy , that girl just because you are alone and you don't have any option , get into it 
when you love your life already and you don't need someone to complete you . Choose them when you "want" them to live , to share , your happiness and sorrows with you . Don't get into any relation just to end your lonliness because when you can't love your own life , your own self how can someone else love you and accept you .
Loving our own self will be our first step to ending all the wrongs and lonliness in life . Spending that quality time with your own self , loving that time is the thing u need to do to end that lonliness forever , trust me , it wont haunt you again ever .... Be your own best friend , be in an honest relationship with your own self and you wont feel lonely again ..

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Charity !? Is it !

So , what do we think ? We are living a comfortable life with abundant food , with shelter on her heads , Still we people are not satisfied with our lives though , we are always complaining of what we don’t have , and then tonight we just "gave" a chapati to a beggar , we felt great " We think ' we did a charity , we donated something' " Really!? Did giving that one chapati even effect our lifestyle ? Did u have had to eat one chapati less from your routine intake because you " donated" one to a poor . I guess most of us have an answer"  No! " Then how can you call it a" charity"  , how can you call it" giving".
Charity or giving is something when you just had one chapati and you thought that someone else needed it more than you , And you just gave it to them , That is Charity or Giving . Today when I look at society I find that people , celebrities which are making crores in a year share some thousands to poor or needy and we call it charity or donation  .. We call those people great ..thats not charity it is sharing .
I accept that they are doing a good job but there is nothing that great about it as one glass of water from sea doesn’t affect sea  . Even trees " share " their shade with us , but they "give" us fruits and flowers , they break a part of them to provide us with these things , That is what we call Charity . Isn't sharing just a law of nature , every living being is sharing in order to sustain , but unfortunately only a few have heart to give , to do the charity .

Today we just have fiddled up with such terms and concepts so much that , we have gone far from reality . 

Sunday, 20 December 2015


Destiny? don't you think this word comes along with a question mark !? Does it exist ? maybe yes or maybe no ! What is destiny? something prewritten , but if it is all pre written then how does it matter what we do is good or bad , because as they say it is all destiny , so what ever will befall good or bad it will happen , no matter what we do , Right?  Then why do we blame people doing bad deeds and appreciate ones doing good work , bad people are doing so because it's their destiny and vice versa ! In this way we all are doing what is pre written for us , good or bad is all the fruit of our destiny , we shouldn't be blamed only then ! murdrers are so because they were destined to be so , one xyz person was destined to be murdered by that person ... Becoz they also say birth and death are pre written , they are unstoppable ! if we go this way murdrers should never be punished as they did what was in destiny , their destiny made them do so ! Then why doesn't society accepts them ? Just because they came with a bad destiny maybe , but isn't that destiny just written by the same god who wrote good fortune for some and misfortune for some.

Looking at other side of coin Destiny , Ok! so lets think that if we have in our destiny we will sleep with a full stomach , lets not move hands to eat food tonight , because if destiny has it for us it will come inside our stomach on its own .. is it possible? No! if we flip the coin and see the other side , isn't life what we make of it? look at your life , m sure each one of us had got atleast one eye opener in form of an article , some mentor , some friend or any incident that showed you what is right or wrong ! yes we have ... somewhere we all in our concious mind know that what is right and what is not .. isn't it all about choices we make .. Yes Destiny has decided a destination for you but don't you think it has always set two paths for you to reach that destination!? One is right and one is wrong , and the path we chose decides our further course maybe . Aren't we all children of same god then why will he set fortune for some and misfotune for other , Does he has any reason to be bias? Except the reasons we ourselves give to him , by choosing wrong paths !

Think about it!! 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

bucket list

sky lanterns
a dance in rain
help poor kids educate them
a mini library in my house
looking at the stars , moon whole night
design my own house
run away from a resturant without paying bill
escaping from cops
road trip
visit a so called haunted place
biggest promise of love in front of greatest epitome of love
plant a sapling together and make it grow
blow bubbles together
a long walk at 2 in morning
dance on jeena jeena fr me
float diyas in water together 
floral bird cages

own a polaroid camera
make a flipbook for me
camping under stars